138,524 Freight Track Miles
100 MillionTruckloads Saved
181,264 Freight Rail Employees


Each year, an integrated network of trains, trucks and barges efficiently delivers 54 tons of goods for every American. Freight railroads play a key role in delivering everything from automobiles and orange juice to energy sources and grain.

The U.S. freight rail network is an interconnected web linking communities and businesses and powering our economy from coast to coast. In fact, 575 freight railroads operate over nearly 140,000 miles of track, and employ nearly 180,000 in well-paying jobs. Additionally, hundreds of rail supply companies employ thousands of Americans who provide all the materials and services that make the American freight rail system the envy of the world.

*2012 data

Rail 101

Private investments, public benefits

Massive private investments by U.S. freight railroads benefit communities nationwide.

Policy Issues

Affecting Freight Railroads

Decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect railroads and communities nationwide.

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