Founded in 2004 on the principle that “all politics is local,” we believe that direct input from constituents is the best way to communicate with elected officials. GoRail works with thousands of community leaders across the country to tell the local story of freight rail — stronger economies, more jobs and cleaner skies.

Many Americans don’t realize that freight railroads pay their own way with little help from taxpayers — to the tune of $25 billion annually, on average. These investments make American industry more competitive by maintaining and enhancing the rail network that connects companies and communities to markets all over the world.

Working with the support of U.S. freight railroads and rail supply companies, our coalition of community leaders reminds Congress how freight rail investments and rail policy decisions have real impacts back home, from local jobs and economic development to air quality and road congestion.

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Rail Advocates


GoRail’s rail advocates are community leaders from every region of the country who recognize that rail policy decisions made in Washington, D.C. have real impacts back home. Meet them and learn more about the ways freight rail has benefited their communities.


Rail Advocate
Gurbax Sahota
Gurbax Sahota
President & CEO, California Association for Local Economic Development; Executive Director, California Academy for Economic Development
Sacramento, California

"Infrastructure is the keystone of economic development and freight rail delivers for California."

John Casper
John Casper
President & CEO, Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"Rail has long been the driving force of the Fox River Valley’s economy."


North America’s seven Class I railroads operate in 44 states and the District of Columbia. Accounting for 69 percent of the industry’s mileage and 90 percent of its employees, these railroads focus on long-haul, high-density intercity traffic.


Rail Supply Companies

Featured GoRail Supporters
ACS Solutions
Koppers Inc.
SEMA Construction, Inc.
Anderzack-Pitzen Construction, Inc.
Holland LP
New York Air Brake
Omega Industries, Inc.
Progress Rail Services
American Concrete Products Co.
Ames Construction
Parsec, Inc.
Wabtec Corporation
Arkansas Steel Associates
North American Tie & Timber
Amerities Holdings LLC
BSM Technologies
RCL Services Group
RailWorks Corporation
IAT International, Inc.
Railway Supply Institute
Sperry Rail
The Okonite Company
Hitachi Rail STS
FreightCar America
Hulcher Services Inc.
Phoenix Sales and Services
TTX Company
Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc.
Stella-Jones Inc.
Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.
U.S. Intermodal Inc.
Cranemasters, Inc.
ITS ConGlobal
Steel Dynamics, Inc. Structural & Rail Division
L.B. Foster Company
The Timken Company
Special Fleet Service, Inc.
Polivka International
Somerville Companies
Vossloh North America
ArcelorMittal Steelton
MSI Lodging Systems
National Salvage and Service
Automotive Resources International
Ferrovia Services, LLC
Amsted Rail
Greenbrier Companies
EVRAZ North America
Siemens Rail Automation Corporation
Optimization Associates Inc.
Strato, Inc.
RJ Corman Railroad Group
MPL Innovations, Inc.
Herzog Companies
Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc.
Standard Steel, LLC
Russ McGurk
Russ McGurk

Russ McGurk co-founded GoRail, then Growth Options for the 21st Century, in 2004 and helped develop the original strategic plan and core mission that have made GoRail pound-for-pound one of Washington’s most effective grassroots issue advocacy organizations.

Curtis Sloan
Curtis Sloan
Vice President

Curtis Sloan became Vice President of GoRail in 2013. He started with GoRail as a field organizer building support for freight rail and the CREATE Program in Illinois in 2004.

Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor
Assistant Vice President, Field Operations

Michael Gaynor manages the field staff and operations for GoRail. He brings two decades of political experience to his position, having served as a congressional staffer, political consultant, and public relations director to a national non-profit.

Board of Directors

Russell McGurk

Ian Jefferies
President & Chief Executive Officer
Association of American Railroads

Scott D. Moore
Senior VP, Corporate Relations
Union Pacific Railroad

Paul Bischler
VP Finance & Chief Sourcing Officer
BNSF Railway

Arielle Giordano
Director of Federal and State Government Affairs
Canadian Pacific Railway

Evan Bell
AVP, Procurement
CSX Transportation

Kevin McIntosh
Assistant VP, State & Local Relations
Kansas City Southern Railway

Jon Zillioux
AVP, Sourcing
Norfolk Southern Corporation

David Woodruff
AVP, Head of Public and Government Affairs U.S.