“The economic impact when freight railroads invest in their network reverberates across America and in cities like St. Joseph. As the home to Herzog, a rail supplier than employs hundreds in our community, our city sees the real benefits of the private dollars that go into rail infrastructure, from direct jobs to a more efficient freight network for our businesses.”

Bill Falkner was elected to the mayoral position in April 2010 and re-elected in April 2014. He is a second generation St. Joseph business leader, having taken over his family’s plumbing business. Falkner’s hands-on life and business experience brings a perspective to issues that begins and ends with consideration for common sense and hard work on the same page as political correctness.

Falkner has earned a reputation for community and educational support of city improvements and he has devoted years of time and support toward improving the opportunities for athletic, educational and social development of the students and residents of St. Joseph.

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