“In my extensive research on transportation, workforce development and safety, I have observed freight railroads’ commitment to innovative safety programs. These efforts have reduced employee injuries while also enhancing safety and performance across the network.”

Patrick Sherry is a professor with a specialization in human factors, safety, intermodal transportation and occupational psychology at the University of Denver. He has served since 2002 as the Director of the National Center for Intermodal Transportation and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver. In addition to scientific research, Sherry has consulted extensively with Fortune 500 transportation companies throughout the U.S. and Canada in the areas of safety, intermodal workforce development in transportation, and leadership training.

Most recently, Sherry has been involved in supervising research in the areas of intermodal container tracking and security, identifying appropriate work schedules that limit or reduce fatigue and increase performance, identification of workers with high risk safety profiles, and training and development of executives in intermodal and logistics transportation. He led several pioneering efforts with U.S. railroads designed to implement behaviorally based safety and peer feedback programs that resulted in significant reductions in reported injuries.

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